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Every Company or office generate a considerable amount of data on a daily basis, but the question is, how is that data analysed and managed to gain a competitive edge? Did you know that Microsoft Excel has the most powerful data analysis tools to manage such data to save you precious time and money?

Data analysis is the process of evaluating data using analytical and statistical tools to discover useful information that aids business decision making process. And with this course, using Excel to analyse, manipulate and present large amounts of data into professional-looking reports, becomes easier.

With a better understanding of the Excel environment, you will get to know how to keep sheets dynamic and easy to scale-up; learn about structured references, dynamic listing techniques, scenario modeling, and how to design and report with Charts. This course will also show you how to easily overcome the daunting task of translating random data into well-structured reporting formats and designs that are not only easy to understand but also highlight all relevant metrics in every scenario.

  • 10 Months

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