Excel Foundation Level


Courses Included


This Course includes over
  • 46 Videos of an average of 6 minutes per video
  • Downloadable Practice Files
  • Certificate upon Completion
  • 10% Discount on Intermediate Excel Course
Expectations At the end of this course, you will be equipped with basic knowledge and a strong foundation in Excel to:
  • perform simple data entry task,
  • ability to manipulate rows, columns, and cells
  • copy or move worksheets between workbooks,
  • save and print in Excel.
  Take the first steps toward mastering the many amazing tools in Excel. The Marigold Consult Excel Foundational Level Course takes you on a discovery trial into the Excel Environment, exposing you to the possibilities that exist, the diverse manoeuvres possible in a cell, jumping the limitations of simple data entry into some of the basic functions and formulae available for use to refine your data processing in Excel and more.   This course also guides you through the best way to manage multiple sheets and workbooks, how to link data from these books for the relevant analysis, how to automate in sequential data-entry scenarios when dealing with a large quantity of cells and also how to properly output your data on paper when it comes to printing in Excel. You also get the chance to practice and perfect all your newly acquired skills with the help of our Practices Files. Thank you and happy learning. Get a complete oversight of how to unleash the potential of Excel as a powerful tool and the endless possibilities of a worthwhile skill that is growing in demand and application.   Practice Files –   Here, you get the chance to work on carefully prepared practice data through the application of all you have been exposed to from the Marigold Consult Excel Foundational Level Course, and to test your proficiency in the skills and knowledge delivered in this course. Happy Practice.!