Excel Intermediate Level




This course includes
  • 67 Videos of an average of 6 minutes per video
  • Downloadable Practice Files
  • Certificate upon Completion
  • 10% Discount on Advanced Excel Course
Having completed the Marigold Consult Foundational Course and having the confidence you now possess the proficiency level the Foundational Level Course seeks to equip students with, the Intermediate Level Course is definitely the way to go.  Get quicker in sorting and filtering your voluminous data in Excel; based on desired sequences or filters respectively. Get more exposure to very essential functions and how can apply them.   Learn how to activate the available security functions to keep sensitive data in your worksheets or workbooks safe. Learn how to set conditions for formatting the cells or data you work with, re-organize your voluminous data into relevant quick summaries with Pivot Tables, depict important trends in your line of business or work with the effectiveness of Sparklines and get to know how to introduce some level of automation that can help you with faster processing or analysis. This course has a lot to offer, and goes beyond just what has been explicitly mentioned in this summary, the best way to discover them is to experience them module after module as they lead you to your new found level of expertise in Excel, the Marigold Consult way.  As always, you get to end another knowledge-packed course from Marigold Consult with all the practice you need to perfect all you have studied, thank you.   Expectations: At the end of this course, participants will be able to:
  • manipulate large data by analyzing it, sort it according to customized format, display results with colours, shading, borders, backgrounds, icons style
  • Design simple customised reporting templates
  • Design Simple automated files
  • and many more


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